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Calculator & Analyser

For Hydroponic
Nutrient formula.

Carlos R Arano (Argentina) is an acknowledged leader in the
understanding of the composition of nutrient solutions!
The calculations required to formulate a balanced nutrient solution is no easy task -

Carlos has taken away all the guesswork and created a method for producing the desired formulation while taking into account the very important aspect of the quality of your water supply.

Growers and hobbyists new to hydroponics are usually restricted to using proprietary nutrients or blending according to a published formula from books and journals.

In either case these formula's do not take any account of your water supply characteristics - Now the Vitaran HC calculator can deliver the exact formula required, modified to suit your water supply.

Carlos quotes a metaphorical comparison: Vitaran results are a bit like the difference between a tailor made suit and mass produced clothes off the hook!


The computer software is in English - Spanish - Portuguese and Italian

The software includes a demonstration tutorial and also includes lots of useful information such as sample formula's - water characteristics - costing calculator for entering your raw material costs and calculating the overall cost of the finished formula


Please note that this software is designed to run on a PC with both 'Power Point and Excel software

Mac platform presently unavailable!

Some useful facts about water

Water is the main and fundamental component of a nutrient solution. The other chemical products (nutrient elements of salts and acids) are considered as additives.
It must be remembered that waters from different sources such as wells/bores/rivers/lakes or streams are also going to be chemically different and the water from one bore or one stream is going to be different than water taken from another bore or stream.
All waters will pick up contaminants of many different kinds on their way to you, so that there is an infinite variety in the composition of any given water.
In nature, pure water practically does not exist - to obtain pure water some form of treatment such as distillation is required.
Therefore it is essential that you know accurately what your water supply contains!
It may contain materials that can be used in hydroponics, albeit the formula will require manipulation in order to produce the optimum result!
In other cases the water may contain substances that make it totally unsuitable for hydroponic use without some form of pre treatment to remove or reduce the offending content down to a usable level.

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understanding just how

Vitaran HC operates,

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