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Rob Smith has a second life which is a million miles away from the fascinating subject of hydroponics.

This was one of the major reasons why Rob decided to sell his original hydroponics and electronics manufacturing company and concentrate upon music while he was still able to 'cut it'

In 1997 after years of 'part time' playing of popular music on his tenor saxophone, Rob changed direction and modified his playing style to join up with a traditional jazz band called 'Dr Jaz'.

With this band Rob subsequently toured NZ with several overseas musicians.

The band was invited to perform at the Y2K New Orleans Jazz and Heritage festival, they also played at the hallowed, New Orleans, 'Preservation Hall', and did six nights in a famous club on Bourbon street. They also performed during the daytime on the ‘Natchez’ and 'Creole Queen' Mississippi paddle steamers and finally were guest band at ‘Storyville’ in New Orleans for the NO jazz clubs annual bash. It was during that performance that Rob first met ‘Steamboat Willie’ when he guested on stage with the band.

From 1997 Rob performed with the Dr Jaz band and recorded with New Orleans musicians, 'Duke Heitger' 'Steamboat Willie' 'Connie Jones' and finally in 2002 'Robert Harris Jnr'.

Sadly the leader of the band 'Neil McKenzie' (AKA Dr Jaz) who had been fighting cancer for two years, passed away in May 2003.

His band has left a legacy of fine music with some outstanding contributions from the New Orleans musicians.

After meeting up and building a rapport with Steamboat Willie, Rob got a group of top NZ musicians together and along with his new friend ‘Steamboat’ made a tour of Jazz clubs in NZ having one of those performances recorded- several tracks from that jazz performance have been included on Robs own CD 'Dirty Sax' which also includes many popular favourites from his long musical career.

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by Rob Smith
Sample track 'Rosetta'

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