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There are literally thousands of sites which contain information of interest to hydroponic growers

Here are just a few!!!

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This Australian company has years of practical experience in the whole range of hydroponic growing. From school education kits to advanced training equipment, from the small home garden to huge commercial projects 'Trevor Holt' and his 'Hydromasta' team can help you!

HydroMasta Pty Ltd

100 Station Road -Seven Hills

N.S.W. 2147 - Australia

For authoritative assistance with any aspect of hydroponic supply - design- education, nutrients and consumable across the USA contact:


286 South G Street - Arcarta - California 95521 - U.S.A.

This is another 'one stop' company who supply greenhouses and design and supply fully integrated hydroponic growing systems as well as running crop production training courses. There are no areas of hydroponic technology that are not serviced by this innovative company

For more information contact:

Alberto Bethke at Hydrocultura


Carlos Arano

Carlos is respected world wide for his knowledge and contribution to the hydroponic Industry - Although now in semi-retirement, Carlos still contributes and has designed a software program for calculating nutrient formulas taking into account your own unique water supply analysis to result in genuine 'custom' nutrient blends for the crop of your choice - see details elsewhere on our site


'The Growing Edge'

Was known as one of the most informative and factual growers magazines available in the World. While it was published in the USA, and obviously had the United States as its main readership, it was also distributed widely throughout the world. It strived to keep abreast of every new development in growing and as such, much of the content was devoted to soiless growing systems - this magazine has assisted greatly in the adoption of hydroponics within the United States. While the magazine is no longer published due to the economic collapse in the USA, the founder/editor Mr Tom Alexander still operates the Growing Edge web site that is chock full of useful info. They also have many back copies of the magazine and also have a good stock of books for mail order.

Hydrolist - Google

Interested hydroponicists can log onto the list and simply receive the information interchange which daily occurs between interested parties. You can even join in and add to the discussion if you wish.

Contributors to the list often offer addresses of other sites of interest -when possible, we will include some of these site addresses here but make no claims as to their relevance.


Subject: Re: Strawberries

Email: "Jim Curts"

Practical Hydroponics Magazine

Published in Australia, this magazine has a wide appeal to both hydroponic and greenhouse growers

The Hydroponicum

Overlooked by the mountains of Wester Ross, The Hydroponicum at Achiltibuie in Scotland has been established since the mid eighties and is now the premier centre for the demonstration of soilless growing in the UK. Its spectacular growing houses produce extraordinary results.


Ray Schneider

Mr Enthusiasm himself is a gentleman by the name of Ray Schneider. Ray has been an avid hobbyist for six or seven seasons and has an excellent web site for those wishing to follow Ray's back yard system development - this is a thinking man that has come up with some good ideas.

Product support

Assistance with your BlueLab test and control equipment from

BlueLab Corporation


Miracle Farms

A commercial operator located in Alberta - lots of information about crop systems.

Cornell University

Their Agg dept offers several pages of interesting data

Bonsai BOP

This is a club that practises the art of Bonsai - Hydroponic feeding is a new departure which is showing huge success










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