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The Bluelab Guardian Monitors are a constant indicator of the current levels of EC, pH and temperature, enabling you to optimise these parameters

as your crop progresses through each growing phase.

Packaging includes; Guardian monitor, pH probe, pH probe holder suction cup,

conductivity / temperature probe, 5V DC power supply,

pH 4.0 and pH 7.0 single use calibration solutions,

4 x fasteners, 2 x cable ties, Nth Am, NZ/Aust, Euro and UK plug adaptors,

instructions and guarantees.

Main Features:
(Both Models)

* Measures 0.0 – 14.0 pH, 0 – 5.0 EC, 0 – 50 CF, 0 – 2500 TDS,

* 0 – 3500 ppm 700, 0 - 50 C , 32 - 122 F

* Large easy to read displays

* "Plant Safe" green LED displays

* Selectable units for conductivity and temperature

* Simple push button pH calibration

* No calibration required for conductivity or temperature

* Silent (visual) alarm for both high and low settings

* Settings retained when power lost (non volatile memory)

* Automatic Temperature Compensation

* International power supply

* Adjustable display brightness

* Water resistant design

What is ‘Plant Safe’? Green LED’s are safe for continued plant growth during a plant’s fruiting stage when hours of darkness are required.

What a great piece of

Equipment for the hobby

or the serious grower

The 'Guardians' are guaranteed for two years

with a six month Guarantee

on the pH probe

Our magnificent price


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The long awaited Bluelab
Guardian Monitor Connect

Bluelab have been busy down under, creating the next innovative step for growers. We would like to introduce you to our new Bluelab Connect Product Suite.

Currently, there are four products within this suite. The Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect, Bluelab Connect Stick, Bluelab Connect Range Extender and Bluelab Connect Software.

 What is the Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect? It is a unique Bluelab Guardian Monitor that can connect wirelessly to a computer at the grow site via the Bluelab Connect Stick. This enables the data logging of pH, Conductivity and Temperature of a grow system to the FREE Bluelab Connect Software, downloadable online. The logged information is viewed on a computer and can also be accessed remotely via the cloud from a mobile device or other computer, allowing the grower to view the status of the grow system 24 hours a day. The Connect Range Extender is available when you need to extend the range between the Guardian Connect and Connect Stick.

 Important info - All Bluelab connect devices are sold separately. Only ONE Connect Stick is required for multiple Guardian Monitor Connects. For example, you can have 5 Guardian Monitor Connects logging information via one Connect Stick to the Connect Software. A Connect Range Extender may not be needed as the Guardian Monitor Connects can work in a daisy chain and communicate data to the Connect Stick.

When Bluelab add other connect devices to the product suite, it will not be necessary to purchase another Connect Stick or download the software again.


Our Price for the all new Guardian Monitor connect is NZ$550-00 (Plus tax where applicable)
The BlueLab Connect Stick NZ$167-00 (Plus tax where applicable)
The BlueLab Connect Range Extender NZ$181-00 (Plus tax where applicable)
Bluelab Guardian Monitor Power Supply NZ$25-50 (Plus tax where applicable)

The now well established standard model
'Guardian Monitor'