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Propagation and 'growing on' Flood & Drain tables (ebb and flow) available in a range of sizes.
Tell us your requirements and we will provide a quote complete with 'Quick valves®'

Purpose-made 'Top Hat' grommets for securing 3 TO 4mm lateral feed pipes to PVC supply lines - simple - effective - no leak method!

Available in lots of : 10    NZ$6-00

                                  50    NZ$25-00

                           100up     NZ$49-00/100

Please ask for quote for large quantities 1000 up


60mm and 75mm NFT growpots.

This growpot provides the necessary support and aeration for hydroponic crops. Growpots are filled with a sterile media such as pumice, vermiculite, perlite or a combination of each.

Seeds are then planted into each pot.

The growpots can then be placed in an Ebb and Flow propagation table until the seeds germinate or else they can be placed directly into an NFT system where the media will remain moist due to capillary action. As the plants grow their root systems will fill the growpots and spread through the base of the pot into the NFT channel.
The root system will then be exposed to the nutrient film as it flows along the channel, providing full nutrition for plant growth.

Mature, plants, such as lettuce can be harvested and sold while still in the growpots. This extends the shelf life of the plant because the roots remain undamaged whilst still maintaining moisture around the root zone.

Alternatively, a grower may wish to remove the plant from the growpot and reuse the pot for their next crop.

Pkt 50 NZ$7-00      Pkt 100 NZ$13-00 Box 1,000 NZ$112.50

Allow us to quote for larger quantities


For vine crop systems it is essential to have a crop support system that is reliable, easy to use and strong. We have two popular options - One is the New Zealand Reelenz design which allows a semi auto drop system. The second is the simple and cheaper wire hanger developed by the Dutch. As well as supporting twine, clips are often used to fasten the vines onto the twine. Dibro Clips are manufactured in New Zealand and are an excellent clipping system for this purpose.


These excellent products can be supplied in any quantity.
Let us quote you for bulk supply or: as an example the Dutch design hooks sell for NZ$0.32cents each (say US$0.24c) - any quantity.
Standard hook is loaded with 10mtrs (±33ft) of twine - however any length can be made to order.


Dibro Clips

We have a range of simple yet effective automatic watering - or nutrient supply valves and fittings, which are very suitable for media container growing, pots, baskets etc.
as shown in 'Rob Smiths Garden'


We have a range of specialist heat pumps
for nutrient heating
Click below for more information


It would be a mammoth task and possibly be confusing to present all available products on this site.

If there is anything you are looking for in modern growing techniques then please do not hesitate to send us a message with your requirements and we will do ,our best to provide you with the best possible pricing and supply!

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